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Alan B. Sun

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About Me

18 Years of Field Ministry

Alan is currently the Associate Regional Director for San Diego InterVarsity and the interim-Area Director for UC San Diego. The vision of San Diego InterVarsity is to grow to 300 small groups and have a chapter on all the campuses in San Diego by 2030.  

In 2006 Alan began investing in campus ministry full time. Since then he has learned how to raise up the next generation of leaders both with his students and family. He is a story teller to GenZ and always learning how to connect to others. Alan is married to his wife Anna and they have two children Daniel (11) and Elaina (7).

He is a visionary ENFP and his top 5 strengths are Restorative, Woo, Activator, Communication, and Includer. He loves to swim and eat noodles with his family.

Growth Leader

Alan has helped grow a ministry from 80 members to over 200 members. He has experience cultivating ministries in a variety of diverse contexts for the 18-25 age range.


Alan planted a college ministry from 0 to 60 members during his first few years in ministry. He also developed skills in vision casting and core leadership making during that time.


We have seen 2,500 students in San Diego make faith decisions to follow Jesus over the last 8 years through our campus ministries. Alan has served on national evangelism and planting teams and loves sharing the Gospel for this generation.

Scientific Perspective

Alan was born in Northern California, he graduated UCSD with a degree in Molecular Biology and worked at LIFE technologies. After 1.5 years in the biotech industry he left for campus ministry.

Theological Background

Alan holds a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary where he learned about Christianity at the crossroads of theological education and practical application.

Strategic Developer

Alan loves developing leaders, talking about generational shifts and partnering with churches to further the kingdom work of God. He has experience training on a national level.


Amount Alan raised in one year for non-profit in both annual and monthly gifts.


Developed & hired five full-time campus ministers within two years.


Alan is an enneagram 3 with a wing 2 and loves talking about personality traits.


Student conversions from team led by Alan on one campus in one academic year.

Speaking & Consulting Calendar

Email for any consulting, booking or calendar check
*Virtual speaking/training/preaching on Zoom
March 14, 2024 at University San Diego InterVarsity
May 24-26, 2024 at HOPE Church Retreat

YouTube Videos about GenZ HERE

Alan is a visionary leader with a deep heart for God. His years of experience in college ministry has given him unique insights on how to reach, minister, and build up a new generation of Jesus followers. With a foundation in the Bible, his theoretical approach to the practice of ministry is guided by culturally-centric theories in faith formation, student development, and social (generational) psychology.

Dr. Luke Wood

President of Sacramento State University

When I read Ministry to iGen I felt very seen and understood, in a way that I haven’t experienced in a lot of Christian circles. Loved the insight Alan brought to reaching iGen.

Joshua Phillips

Sophomore at UC San Diego

I admire and respect Alan's leadership. His intentional research with and reflection of iGen students shines light on the beauty of this emerging generation and brings clarity to the specific needs of iGen. Alan's eBook on iGen is a needed voice as leaders in both secular and church worlds struggle to find hope in the emerging generation of future leaders.

Melissa Casiano-Sebastian

Supervised Campus Minister

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